Discovery is not always a journey embarked on willingly. “INTACT” is a physically intense performance led by little words yet driven by themes of inward exploration and re-invention. A dream-like and surreal performance piece, “INTACT” is grounded in subject matter as we are prompted to reflect on the limitations of body and mind. Following a soldier upon his return from war and at loss in many ways,

“INTACT” asks us to interrogate how we re-invent ourselves in an attempt to adapt to extreme challenges. Unable to relate to who one once was, and without a compass to direct one towards any sense of purpose, both the protagonist and the audience are encouraged to sit in what ‘stuck’ feels like and wade through the torment as one. An un-scripted piece of work,

“INTACT” is a creation to be experienced. Immerse yourself in Fuser Productions first solo eclectic and evocative piece and be prepared to open what may be uncovered. We invite the audience for an open discussion with our creative team exploring and digesting the evening’s experience. We are a family who welcome all, inviting guests to connect, to engage to re-ignite the excitement of a night out with friends.