Salon 77





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Director’s Word

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Extremely enjoyable, fantastic entertainment beautifully crafted and brilliantly performed by rising star Olivia Hadley.

Mark / Audience Member

The performance relied on very little dialogue, this is physical theatre as its best. The choreography is immersive and simply mesmerising.


What makes INTACT so intriguing is that all the elements that bring it together are finely nuanced and restrained.

Brendon Miles / Theatre Now

A must-see immersive physical play. This physically intense and stellar theatre production by Fuser Production showcased very few words. The performer Olivia Hadley did a magnificent performance showcasing the power of the mind and all emotions without using any words.

Gispsy Rose / Weekend notes

INTACT, Fuser Production debut performance, is deeply engaging and awe-inspiring. In all ways Olivia Hadley powerful and moving performance was fully supported and given impact by lighting designer and operator Travis Kecek and sound effect designer and operator Martin Gallagher.

Catherine Skipper / South Sydney Herald

All consuming! An intimate venue, stunning soundtrack and light show combines with an immersive and binding physical theatre performance that demands your emotional connection.

Les / Audience Member

An exploration of dreams and failure and what it means to be human against the backdrop of a kickass soundtrack.

Adele / Audience Member

It was intense, beautiful and emotional. Loved every minute.

Erica / Audience Member

The dancing is fluid and creative, the acting vivid. Highly recommended.

Laetitia D / Audience Member

Highly recommended rich and dynamic performance of aesthetic physical storytelling. An amazing production that immerses you in the struggles and hopes of post trauma via its beautiful and intense combination of choreography, music and story

Laetitia N / Audience Member